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Nancy Vermeulen Private Astronaut Trainer

Nancy Vermeulen is a commercial airline pilot-instructor, Master in theoretical physics and astronomy, was Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah and took part in the ESA astronaut selections of 2008.

In 2018 she founded the "Space Training Academy".

Nancy Vermeulen also applies her combined knowledge and experience to the business community by giving lectures, and workshops.

Bringing the universe closer to people and vice a versa, that is Nancy Vermeulen’s personal mission.  For that reason, Nancy created the "Space Training Academy".

Nancy was the first in Europe to develop a non-governmental training program in which prospective space travellers can prepare themselves for a space voyage. In 2011 was the kick-off, when Nancy Vermeulen gave training to a future private astronaut of Virgin Galactic.

In collaboration with the Delft University of Technology and Desdemona Simulator Soesterberg, she has developed a unique training programme. The purpose of the training at the Space Training Academy is to prepare genuine space tourists and suborbital scientists for space travel both physically and psychologically.

Commander Mars Simulation Mission

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