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Workshop Mars:

Take your business to the Sky by effective team training!

If you can deal with an emergency on Mars,

your team will be top on Earth!

How to survive on Mars?

Why have we not been to Mars yet and what is holding us back? Will we do it “soon”, or will it remain science fiction? Would returning to the Moon be a useful interim step or would we be better off setting our sights on the quest for alien life forms on planets around other stars?  What exactly are alien life forms and what is the likelihood of us encountering them?


We welcome you at the Europlanetarium of Genk (Belgium) and usually start with a live interactive lecture, that takes you into the world of astronomy, air and space travel. 

This lecture is combined with an incredibly exciting planetarium show entitled “Landing on Mars”.

Now you are ready to discover the solar system yourself, along with Nancy Vermeulen, Private Astronaut Trainer, astronomer and Commander of a Mars Simulation Mission.


After lunch Nancy Vermeulen speaks and guides you through the challanges of manned voyages to other planets. You will learn what obstacles humanity needs to overcome to do this. Nancy already experienced the most significant challenges during her Mars simulation in the Utah desert.

During the workshop you will take part in a role-playing game, simulating a landing on another planet (Mars), where your team must work creatively together in order to survive.

The focus of this training is at communication, decision making and leadership.

Nancy Vermeulen Commander Mars Simulation Mission

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