School is cool!


School is cool!

Space Training Academy offers tailor-made programs for all schools: primary education, secondary and higher education.


Our unforgettable, interactive lecture will arouse interest for aerospace, science and technology (part of STEM).


We also create awareness of our position in the world, the solar system and the universe.


This basic program can be extended with a number of workshops, where we simulate a landing on another planet (Mars), where one must work creatively in order to survive.


The students will discover how the basic optics of a telescope work and on a clear day they can have a look at the Sun and the planet Venus.

Furthermore they will learn how to find their way between the different constellations.


Finally during the workshops we can zoom in on any specific topic regarding astronomy and aerospace.


Lecture duration: 2 lesson periods

Workshop duration: 1 lesson period


Cost of the lecture:

7 euro per student, minimum 50 students or 350 euro (all included)

Cost of the workshop: 3 euro per student

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