Management Team Coaching


"Out of this World" Team Coaching


Up to sixteen persons

Duration: 1 day

Price: Starting from 150 euro per person


An unforgettable, interactive presentation will put your position in the world in perspective. You become aware of your position towards the others, your position on our planet, in the solar system and in the universe.

Concepts such as "Entrepreneurship", "Pioneering" and "Out of the Box Thinking" are put in a broader perspective.


During the workshop you will take part in a role-playing game, simulating a landing on another planet (Mars), where your team must work creatively together in order to survive.


People discover their unknown talents: "A real eye opener!"

A "new world" arises, both professionally and personally.


Do you want to take it even one step further? It is possible to upgrade your team coaching day with a "Zero Gravity Flight" or a flight in a flight simulator.



1. Interactive Presentation / Workshop

2. Interactive Presentation / Workshop / Zero Gravity Flight

3. Interactive Presentation / Workshop / Simulator

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