Nancy Vermeulen created the concept of "Space Training" based on a feeling of connectivity between our world, nature and the universe.


"Space Training" works as a an eye opener for everyone.

Through a helicopter view you get a new look on daily life.

This enables you to retap your forces, to rediscover who you really are and to become a more complete and happier person.

Who is Nancy Vermeulen?

Nancy Vermeulen is an astronomer, pilot-instructor and life coach.

She flew an Airbus 300 cargo plane to Baghdad during the Iraq war, organized a parabolic flight for the Belgian national TV, cooperated on space projects for the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium and commanded a Mars Simulation Mission in the desert of Utah.


Her vision: "Passionate and driven by the world and beyond, I like to experience as much as life can provide. Sharing my experiences with other people makes me happy and complete!"


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