Astronaut For One Day

Train like a real astronaut and get your first "Astronaut Wings"!


The training starts with an interactive presentation about our position in the solar system, our position in the universe and the key principles of aeronautics and aerospace.


Next step is a workshop. You will discover what challenges you need to overcome as an astronaut to fulfill your mission.

From her own experience of a simulated Marslanding, Nancy Vermeulen helps you get away ...


For the last part there are several options:

  • A flight in a small plane
  • A training session in a professional flight simulator
  • A guided visit to the "Euro Space Center" in Redu
  • A "Zero Gravity Flight", to experience weightlessness


Ultimately, you can extend this training day with an observation evening, exploring the night sky with a telescope.


FOR WHOM? For anyone who wants to push his/her personal limits ...


HINT: Surprise someone special with "Astronaut For One Day" as a gift



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